Martin's capsule

Hi there! You might know me from TLGS, the search engine I built. This is my personal capsule. I'm an open source-loving developer, weeb and generally intrested in technology. So expect related posts on here. I am, however, not a tech pessimist. No one can stop tech development. The best we can do is to avoid the harms that tech can make. This site is only on Gemini for now. I may or may not spin up a proxy to HTTP..

You can reach me at: marty1885 \at or through GNU Jami at a72b62ac04a958ca57739247aa1ed4fe0d11d2df

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QR code to my Jami account

Public service

Besides hosting TLGS. I run public OpenDHT nodes to help Jami users keep their communication decentralize and secure.

OpenDHT repository


2021-12-1: Runing the Jami daemon - Not missing messages with Jami

2021-11-14: On privacy and tech development

The content on this cite is all CC-BY-SA (or MIT/GPLv3+ dual license for code)

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