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Gemini Quickstart! (text/gemini, 18KB)

Gemini Quickstart! About Contact What is Gemini? Gemini is a new way of using the Internet, separate from the World Wide Web you are familiar with. Compared to the WWW, it is intended to be: Simpler – Gemini

Gemini News (text/gemini, 1KB)

Gemini News About I like to read the news, or more specifically browsing the headlines to get a overview what is happening in the world. For myself, and anyone else, I have created a lightweight Gemini Capsule

Gemini Textboard (text/gemini, 17KB)

Gemini Textboard New thread #273 - Anonymous - Tue, 13 Jul 2021 09:27:38 UTC COUNTING THEREAD. This thread is for counting: 1,2,3,4... I'll start - 1 ⋮ #703 - Anonymous gemini directory (text/gemini, 2KB) gemini directory Welcome to the Gemini directory, a catalog of capsules organised into categories. Its goal is to provide an easy way to dive into the Geminispace. It's also meant to be a tool

hedy │ gemini space (text/gemini, 3KB)

hedy │ gemini space Welcome to my secondary gemini capsule! It's also accessible on the web, and it's hosted with what's gemini btw? Here are some of my stuff: ✨ gemlog ✨ and main gemini capsule - Gemini Search Engine (text/gemini, 1KB) - Gemini Search Engine Home Search Query backlinks Geminispace Data Statistics Known Gemini Hosts Known Gemini Feeds Newest Gemini Hosts Newest Gemini Pages Help and Documentation About News Documentation: Searching Documentation: Indexing Documentation: Backlinks

The Amazing Fnt400's Gemini Capsule (text/gemini, 4KB)

everybody! This is my Gemini Capsule. Here you can find some little software projects, my Italian blog, some links, and other amenities. You are welcome. Have a nice voyage! The Amazing Fnt400's Gemini Capsule My stuff

Toby Kurien's gemini capsule (text/gemini, 3KB)

Toby Kurien's gemini capsule 🤘 About me Electronics engineer. Programmer. Digital privacy advocate. Want to solve 3rd world problems with 1st world technology. 💭 Toby's tinylog My tinylog that's also syndicated as tweets and toots 📻 Toby

Jayeless' Gemini capsule (text/gemini, 1KB)

Jayeless' Gemini capsule Welcome! I'm Jessica Smith, and this is my new Gemini capsule, hosted on It's still a work in progress, so bear with me. If you want to know a little more

Introduzione a gemini (text/gemini, 9KB)

Introduzione a gemini Con questo documento vorremmo introdurre in termini semplici ma, per quanto ci è possibile, corretti una presentazione delle motivazioni che hanno contribuito alla costituzione della rete gemini, in tal modo speriamo che sia possibile

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