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Gemini News (text/gemini, 1KB)

Gemini News About I like to read the news, or more specifically browsing the headlines to get a overview what is happening in the world. For myself, and anyone else, I have created a lightweight Gemini Capsule - Gemini Search Engine (text/gemini, 1KB) - Gemini Search Engine Home Search Query backlinks Geminispace Data Statistics Known Gemini Hosts Known Gemini Feeds Newest Gemini Hosts Newest Gemini Pages Help and Documentation About News Documentation: Searching Documentation: Indexing Documentation: Backlinks

Jayeless' Gemini capsule (text/gemini, 1KB)

Jayeless' Gemini capsule Welcome! I'm Jessica Smith, and this is my new Gemini capsule, hosted on It's still a work in progress, so bear with me. If you want to know a little more

What is Gemini? (text/gemini, 1KB)

THAT. BREAD! Welcome to the Gemini server! What is Gemini? Gemini is a new texty protocol that sits somewhere between gopher and http. Check it out at or of course Bakers' Capsules audioloaf bagel baguette bakersdozen

gemini:// (text/gemini, 1KB)

Welcome to Conman Laboratories Gemini Server! The Number 1 Gemini Server (that is, the first one, not necessarily the best one) This is your host, Sean. The Boston Diaries ATOM feed The Boston Diaries Feed The Boston

Local Gemini Links (text/gemini, 1KB)

This is the Gemini site for It is running on Germinal, a Gemini server in Common Lisp. Local Gemini Links A journal, akin to a weblog or phlog: Journal A serial newsletter about living

Stéphane Bortzmeyer's Gemini server (text/gemini, 1KB)

Stéphane Bortzmeyer's Gemini server This is mostly an experimental server. You will not find a lot of content. RFC This is a mirror of RFCs (sacred texts of the Internet). Index

Samsai's Gemini site (text/gemini, 1KB)

Samsai's Gemini site This is my little slice of Gemini right here (capsule seems to be the nomenclature). I'm a Linux user and a computer science student. I'm particularly interested in programming, tech

My New Gemini Capsule (text/gemini, 1KB)

World as Will and Representation My New Gemini Capsule Sprawdzam, czy polskie znaki działają

La capsula Gemini di IOSA (text/gemini, 1KB)

capsula Gemini di IOSA Benvenutə a bordo! Penso che questa capsula sia la prima scritta in italiano nel mondo Gemini, in orbita dal 28 dicembre 2020. Ma l'importante non è essere i primi ad arrivare

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