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Gemini Quickstart! (text/gemini, 18KB)

Gemini Quickstart! About Contact What is Gemini? Gemini is a new way of using the Internet, separate from the World Wide Web you are familiar with. Compared to the WWW, it is intended to be: Simpler – Gemini

Gemini Textboard (text/gemini, 17KB)

Gemini Textboard New thread #273 - Anonymous - Tue, 13 Jul 2021 09:27:38 UTC COUNTING THEREAD. This thread is for counting: 1,2,3,4... I'll start - 1 ⋮ #703 - Anonymous

Introduzione a gemini (text/gemini, 9KB)

Introduzione a gemini Con questo documento vorremmo introdurre in termini semplici ma, per quanto ci è possibile, corretti una presentazione delle motivazioni che hanno contribuito alla costituzione della rete gemini, in tal modo speriamo che sia possibile

Bacardi55's gemini feeds subscriptions (text/gemini, 29KB)

Bacardi55's gemini feeds subscriptions Currently aggregating 71 capsules, gopherholes, and websites. Generated on 2022-01-15 at 23:31 UTC 2022-01-15 Idiomdrottning — Unreasonable Szczezuja's Gemlog — Setting a Gopher hole ew0k Post Archive — Remarkable

Planet m68k (Gemini Version) (text/gemini, 20KB)

Planet m68k (Gemini Version) News around Motorola 680x0 CPU computer systems /If you have news of interest to the m68k development community, please send a note to `'/ Chat rooms (bridged): IRC: #m68k Matrix:

gemini:// (text/gemini, 10KB)

py3status-github-notifications Small py3status module for showing github notifications in i3wm 2021-04-04 - Hello Gemini Porting my site to Gemini, with Bash and Python 2021-03-29 - 35 mins to Arch 35 minutes from release

gemini:// (text/plain, 6KB)

Welcome to my little corner of the geminisphere. Here you will find a gemini version of my blog, my blog archives, books, and Usenet articles that I find are important, interesting, or otherwise notable. # This Server

gemini:// (text/gemini, 10KB)

reached the Gemini capsule of Tristan Miller. I'm a computational linguist with research interests in lexical semantics, historical online corpora, and computational detection and interpretation of humour. I currently head the Computational Pun-derstanding: Computer-Assisted

gemini news (text/gemini, 30KB)

gemini news this site can also be accessed via https with the help of kineto (gemini http reverse proxy) Article Statistics all posts are webpages converted with firefox markdown-clipper addon and then converted to gemini format

Tinylog timeline generated by gtl (text/gemini, 390KB)

best smolnet wishes :) Same to you @Szczezuja! Tue 11 Jan 2022 20:58 CET author: 🦪 @szczezuja Any Gemini user don't think about a way of publishing new gmi files. Gopher user must think about

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